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This collection is about me stepping into a glass house, walking onto that glass floor, working under that glass ceiling, offering some transparency allowing people to get a glimpse of who i am.

Hoping that you the viewer & the person can relate to some of, if not all of these thoughts, ideas & feelings that I’m expressing, which will only bring you closer creating that personal connection through the art & through the pieces.


This is so important & also fun for me because I’m generally a reserved & more private person. 

therefore, me expressing myself through these garments is a language that i feel comfortable speaking to you in. This collection made me uncomfortable & had me exude some ideas in an unconventional & even A subliminal manner without being too obvious.


A Segway into every thing that i’ll create after this is what AMUSED is about. It’s a seamless transition from you wondering who i am to feeling like you know exactly who i am.

When in reality; we’re just getting started.
The human element. Amused, by Matthew D. Williams.

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